Joe Martinelli portrait

Joe Martinelli

Senior Project Manager

Joe oversees operations of the company’s EPC division. Joe brings more than 11 years of experience in solar construction; his background includes installation, design, procurement and project management. Since joining Infiniti Energy in 2018, Joe has been vital to the company NRG Home Solar Residential/Commercial Solar for 5 years than moved into Managed QA/QC team.

After NJR of Operations Lead with Sea Bright Solar including residential design team all construction sets and take off of all material for over 100 Residential and small business installs. Transitioned to Large Scale Commercial Project Management in 2018 Manages budgets, procurement, customer relations & vendors.

Mr. Martinelli holds an Associate’s Degree in Computer & Bachelor Degree Science, and has overall 11 years of experience managing Residential, Commercial and Renewable construction.